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We create pure healing oils of cold pressing and gluten-free cereals.

Used a soft way of processing the seed and always check the raw materials and finished products in the laboratory.


It's simple. Wisdom is that nature heals people by its own strength.
And we help her to do it.
Since 2012, we are embodying the idea of deep processing of amaranth.
We honestly say - this plant heals.
By 2018 we are processing amaranth, millet, black cumin and hemp.
Our main development is a way of producing oil.



With different products you will get different benefits - with the amaranth germ oil you ``turn on`` immunity and cure skin diseases, with black cumin oil - get rid of allergies and fungus. All the cereals that we make are gluten-free and quickly saturated due to the high protein content and carbohydrates.

How is it better?

Best of all, the oil works in its pure form - a teaspoon of oil to drink with water. We understand that this method is not for everyone. Adding oil
to salad or smoothies will also benefit you. It is important not to expose the oil to heat treatment.
Our cereals eat salty and sweet, add fresh fruit or steamed. From millet and amaranth flour, pancakes, cakes and bread are obtained. And amaranth flakes are a quick and healthy breakfast.

Briefly about the technology

We produce oil in a way that preserves the healing properties of plants.
Such a method is clean and safe.
All the oil in the germ. The germ is the source of the substances that heals. From it we make oil.
Ordinary presses do not know how to make oil from germ .
Our engineers have created equipment that makes such oil.
Only 3 stages: education of the germ, moisturizing, pressing at temperatures up to 40 degrees. At a temperature above 40 degrees, all the useful substances in the oil disappear.



In our industry there are manufacturers who write that they have a cold pressing, and produce oil by the method of SFE. This method gives more oil, but here it overheats and becomes harmful.
We are against such methods of production and use our own, a special method of cold pressing.

Our goal

Create natural medicines based on our oils.