Flour from amaranth seed against celiac disease

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Flour from amaranth seed against celiac disease

Flour from amaranth seed against celiac disease

Flour from amaranth seed against celiac disease

Flour from amaranth seed against celiac disease

What is celiac disease?

This disease is associated with impaired digestion. There it is damaged mucosa of the small intestine. This damage may be due to the ingestion of food containing a large dose of gluten. Celiac disease is manifested in dyspeptic syndrome, sudden weight loss, as well as a variety of extraintestinal lesions.

What causes celiac disease?

The main reason for celiac disease — heredity to allergic reactions to gluten Products:

  • Wheat;
  • Rye;
  • Barley.

Due to allergies humans are beginning to produce antibodies that resist gluten. They begin to attack the intestinal mucosa, thereby damaging it. As a result, there is malabsorption of vital substances to the body — proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and minerals.

Statistics show that celiac disease in 2 times more likely to affect women than men. The disease is spread worldwide. It is estimated to affect 1 in 100 people worldwide.

One of the most significant and negative aspects of this disease is that it is often asymptomatic and poorly diagnosed because its symptoms similar to other diseases.

How to recognize celiac disease?

As celiac disease symptoms are similar to other diseases, it may initially be assigned to the wrong treatment, aimed at addressing the symptoms, but does not eradicate the problem.

As a rule, celiac disease is manifested by a drastic weight loss, broken
bowel movement. There may be swelling, nausea and vomiting. If treatment does not begin in time, it is likely to cause iron deficiency anemia in conjunction with protein deficiency.

If the disease occurs in childhood, it can lead to impaired growth and development of the child. And from this disease there is some percentage of child deaths.
Adult patients have the same symptoms. Further characteristic are strong abdominal pain, flatulence. Advanced forms of the disease leads to delayed sexual development, occurrence of infertility or miscarriage, as well as iron-deficiency anemia, which is difficult to treat.

Treatment and prevention efforts.

Celiac disease is treated on outpatient basis. The most important thing is a strict diet that must be followed for life. There should be completely eliminated foods containing gluten. You can not eat some cereal and pasta, pastry, alcoholic beverages and instant coffee. An excellent solution to this situation is the amaranth seed flour, which is good and healing, as well as a preventive measure.

Native amaranth flour is rich in protein and contains no gluten. It turns out it is from amaranth seeds, which have been specially treated and ground. This product is very useful for the organism, as it is a real storehouse of nutrients. There are a huge number of aminoacids, which are rare, but are vital to the human body.

We want to add that the amaranth seed flour consists of high-quality protein, dry matter content of which is equal to 17%. And 150 grams of it is enough to make up for the daily requirement of protein.

Therefore, native amaranth flour is one of the few products that is recommended to patients with celiac disease. After all, it is not only part of the curative treatment, but also is an excellent preventive measure.

We offer a few recipes to help patients with celiac disease to live without noticing their illness.

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