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In January 2016 employees of our company ``NPK Amaranth``, completed the installation of equipment for the project ``processing plant amaranth seed in oil and flour.`` Innovative equipment has been designed with a ``clean slate`` - from drawings to finished product certification.
The project used materials meet the requirements for food safety and production in accordance with the recommendations of the HACCP system specialists.
Currently, we have launched the following products:
Germ oil Amaranth 100% cold pressed.
Amaranth flour
Coming soon:
A blend of amaranth oil with corn, olive oil
The extraction of embryos amaranth olive oil, thistle, corn oil.

How to make products from amaranth


What is the innovative method that uses Scientific Production Company «AMARANTH»?

We apply the same «cold pressing», but unlike other producers of amaranth oil, we first parse amaranth seeds on anatomical components (on a specially designed and patented by us equipment). The press gets not amaranth seeds, but that part of it which is called an embryo. It contains the germ of all the oil that is in the seed.
Thus, press presses not the solid seed, but the soft germ, which allows getting the oil at temperature below 35 degrees, by reducing the frictional force.
As a result, we get oil, keeping all its natural qualities.
It is worth noting that unfair manufacturers extraction process is carried out with violations of temperature (55-90 degrees), that is why the oil loses all its healing properties. Amaranth oil «cold pressed» from germs, is not bottled in containers larger than 100 ml, as at the first opening of the container begins the process of oxidation.


We create pure healing oils of cold pressing and gluten-free cereals.
Used a soft way of processing the seed and always check the raw materials and finished products in the laboratory.


With different products you will get different benefits - with the amaranth germ oil you ``turn on`` immunity and cure skin diseases,
with black cumin oil - get rid of allergies and fungus.
All the cereals that we make are gluten-free and quickly saturated
due to the high protein content and carbohydrates.

How is it better?

Best of all, the oil works in its pure form - a teaspoon of oil to drink with water. We understand that this method is not for everyone.
Adding oil to salad or smoothies will also benefit you. It is important not to expose the oil to heat treatment.
Our cereals eat salty and sweet, add fresh fruit or steamed. From millet and amaranth flour, pancakes, cakes and bread are obtained. And amaranth flakes are a quick and healthy breakfast.

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